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Student Organization Handbook – Section V. A.

Section V. Student Organization Travel

A. How to Travel

Student organizations often like to get away from campus for events and activities. Whether your group is traveling near or far, all travel plans must be approved by the Student Involvement & Leadership Center before your travel occurs.

Pre-Approval for Travel

Before your travel occurs, you’ll need to fill out an Event Request (and any necessary supplemental forms) available through OrgSync.

Event Requests must be submitted at least four (4) weeks in advance of domestic travel, and eight (8) weeks in advance of international travel.

A roster of attendees with emergency contact information also needs to be uploaded by the organization to the Travel Request Form. The Travel Roster Template for listing your attendees can be accessed on OrgSync under the “Files” tab.

A copy of an agenda or itinerary for the travel also needs to be provided when you meet with a Student Involvement staff member to arrange your travel.

The Student Involvement and Leadership Center will notify the organization when the request is approved.

What if the travel won’t cost anything?

Approval is needed even if no cost is associated with the proposed travel, or if the cost of the travel is being paid by individual members or another group and not by the student organization itself.

Field Trip Consent and Travel Expectations Agreement

Student organization members who intend to travel also need to complete a Field Trip Consent and Travel Expectations Agreement prior to going on any trips with their group. This form can be completed once per student for the academic year and will cover any travel a student intends to do with their organization. The Field Trip Consent and Travel Expectations Agreement is available through OrgSync.

Vehicle Information

Driver Information Forms must be completed if the organization plans on using private vehicles for travel. The form asks drivers of the vehicles to provide scanned copies of valid driver’s licenses and proof of insurance for each vehicle. The Driver Information Form is located on Engage.

Back-up Documentation

Student organizations may also be asked to share additional back-up documentation after submitting their Event Request. This might include information such as proposed lodging, airfare, and transportation costs.

What happens if an organization travels without approval?

Student organizations traveling without approval may not be covered by the university’s liability insurance. Additionally, expenses incurred during any unapproved travel cannot be reimbursed. Additionally, student organizations traveling without approval from the Student Involvement and Leadership Center may be subject to having their status changed from Active to Inactive and/or losing their recognition.

Late Requests for Travel

Late submissions could result in loss of deals on airfare, hotel availability, early-bird registration for conferences, and cash advances for per diem or other expenses. For example, if registration is required six months in advance for a conference, travel paperwork must be submitted before registration is due.

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