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Student Organization Handbook – Section V. B.

Section V. Student Organization Travel

B. Paying for Expenses Related to Travel

Most, if not all, of an organization’s travel expenses can be paid using a university credit card. The Student Involvement & Leadership Center may be able to assist with pre-paying many expenses, such as lodging, flights and registration fees.

Cash Advances

Student organizations are eligible for a cash advance for costs that cannot be pre-paid (e.g., meals and ground transportation).

A Student Involvement & Leadership Center staff member will be in charge of disbursing cash advances to organizations. Each student receiving cash for the trip is required to sign a document indicating she/he received an allotment. Leftover cash and original receipts are due back to the Student Involvement & Leadership Center immediately after returning from the trip.

Early reimbursement options are available for airfare and registration fees.

Meal Expenses

Student organization members may receive a cash advance for meal money while traveling as the organization budgets, but no more than the per diem for the state to which they are traveling. Partial day subsistence is based on a percentage of the per diem as follows: breakfast 25%; lunch 35%; dinner 55%. Partial day subsistence is based on times of departure and return, and if meals are provided at the workshop or conference within the itinerary. Staff in the Student Involvement & Leadership Center can help members calculate the per diem rate for their travel destination. Organizations classified as student agencies, those that receive a direct student fee, such as the Associated Students of Boise State University, must turn in original, itemized receipts to the Student Involvement & Leadership Center from food purchased with a per diem within two business days of returning from travel. All other student organizations, are not required to turn in receipts.

Lodging Expenses

Lodging expenses may include rooms, applicable taxes and parking spaces for approved vehicles are the main source of transportation. Original itemized receipts must be submitted to the Student Involvement & Leadership Center immediately after returning from the trip. Amenities beyond room and tax (room service, phone calls, Internet, etc.) must be paid “out of pocket” by the student and are not eligible for reimbursement.

Public Transportation

Expenses for travel by commercial transportation shall be limited to coach fare only. It is strongly advised to meet with a staff member in the Student Involvement & Leadership Center to purchase your airfare by university credit card. Note: most airlines now charge baggage-handling fees at the airport. These are not pre-payable during the E-ticket process. Student organizations may want to budget $15 to $25 each way per traveler for these costs if they intend to cover the expense. (Please check with the airline for baggage fees.) Original itemized receipts for baggage fees are still required and must be returned to Student Involvement & Leadership Center within five (5) business days of returning from the trip.

Rental Vehicles

The state of Idaho has an exclusive contract with Enterprise Car Rental (domestic travel only). Organizations must use Enterprise whenever renting a car for business related to Boise State University when Boise State vehicles are not available. Exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis. To get the Enterprise discount, please work with the Student Involvement & Leadership Center to reserve a car.

A Note on Travel Agency Websites

It is advised that flight or other travel arrangements not be made through travel agency websites, such as Travelocity, Expedia or Orbitz, because these agencies may charge additional fees for cancellations and schedule changes. The university advises against flight protection expenses and university funds will not be used to purchase the extra protection.

Miscellaneous Expenses While Traveling

The following miscellaneous items are allowable if incurred while traveling for official student organization business. Original itemized receipts and a Travel Expense Summary must be submitted to the Student Involvement & Leadership Center.

  • Taxi or bus fares to and from depots, airports and hotels.
  • Expenses for transportation, handling and storage of baggage or university equipment.
  • Airport and hotel parking.
  • Admittance, registration or attendance fees required at conferences, workshops, meetings, etc. Most of these fees can be pre-purchased with a university credit card.
  • Other items not specifically described in the regulations as an allowable expense, but necessary in the performance of official duties.

The following travel expenses cannot be paid for by a student organization:

  • Expenses of a personal nature incurred for the convenience of the traveler, including travel by indirect routes, stopovers for personal reasons, or leaving earlier or later than necessary on a trip.
  • Expenses for lodging in Boise and local area. If a student organization feels this is necessary, a letter of justification must be submitted to the Student Involvement & Leadership Center for review.
  • Tips of more than 18% of service.

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