Student Organization Handbook – Section V. C.

Section V. Student Organization Travel

C. Travel Regulations, Policies and Guidelines

Persons traveling without prior approval are risking personal liability for the travel and associated activities. Even if organization members are paying for expenses up front, or there are no expenses, a Travel Request must be approved by the Student Involvement & Leadership Center to sanction the travel for insurance purposes.

Privately-Owned Vehicles

The use of privately-owned vehicles may sometimes be authorized, but it is strongly advised against because a driver accepts all liability. If at all possible, use vehicles from the Boise State University motor pool. If non-motor pool vehicles must be used (e.g., personal vehicle or rental cars) please submit a short, written explanation with the Travel Request to the Student Involvement & Leadership Center. A Private Vehicle Information Form, located on the Student Involvement & Leadership Center’s website and in OrgSync, should also be submitted.

University-Owned Vehicles

After the Student Involvement & Leadership Center has approved an organization’s Travel Request, vans or cars may be reserved through the Boise State motor pool. Organization accounts will be directly charged for the use of Boise State vehicles. Please note: 12 passenger vans require additional training and a driving certificate from Risk Management (426-5955). For more information, visit the Motor Pool Services information page.

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