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Student Organization Handbook – Section V. F.

Section V. Student Organization Travel

F. Travel Expectations

Students are representatives of Boise State University whenever they participate in an off-campus activity sanctioned by the university, or where there is a substantive connection between their participation in the activity and the fact they are Boise State University students. As such, students’ behavior at off-campus activities—regardless of scope or distance from campus—is reflective of the university, and students are therefore expected to:

  • Maintain the safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff of Boise State University, as well as other individuals contacted in any capacity during the travel.
  • Respect the security and protection of property belonging to individuals, to Boise State University and to other institutions and establishments.
  • Create an environment and maintain practices that sustain the educational goals of the travel.
  • Pledge obedience to all laws, all Boise State University policies, and policies of any facility or university where students may be at all times. Students traveling are personally responsible for their behavior and the consequences for that behavior. Note: students traveling on behalf of Boise State University are not covered under the State’s Retained Risk Fund (state insurance) and may be personally liable for their actions.
  • Follow the Boise State University Student Code of Conduct. Anyone violating the Student Code of Conduct while traveling is subject to the sanctions enumerated in Articles 10 and 11of that code.

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