Student Organization Handbook – Section V. G.

Section V. Student Organization Travel

G. Improper Behavior

Individuals detained by proper authority or incarcerated during travel should not expect assistance or remuneration from the university. Boise State University, as an entity, employees and authorized volunteers have no obligation to provide said individuals with legal assistance. Nor is Boise State University, or any of its employees or authorized volunteers, obliged to secure the release of said individuals, seek judicial relief for them, or provide alternative transportation to Boise subsequent to their release from custody.

Individuals evicted from their place of lodging are personally responsible for obtaining and paying for their own alternative lodging. Any damages incurred at any lodging establishment are the complete and direct responsibility of the student(s) assigned to the damaged room(s). Read the following articles in the Boise State University Student Code of Conduct:

  • Destruction/Damage/Misuse of Property, Article 4, Section 14
  • Group Offenses, Article 4, Section 23
  • Restitution, Article 10, Section 3

Transportation is a privilege afforded to students by the university. Individuals whose actions threaten the lives or safety of others, or violate the law, while in transit to or from an off-campus location, will immediately forfeit that privilege, regardless of any inconvenience or expense to that individual.

The Idaho State Board of Education strictly prohibits transportation of alcoholic beverages and weapons while in a state-owned vehicle. Read the following articles in the Boise State University Student Code of Conduct:

  • Alcohol, Article 4, Section 2
  • Firearms/Weapons, Article 4, Section 12

Unless otherwise directed, individuals who fail to meet prearranged transportation schedules (if any) are expected to utilize available public transportation at their own expense.

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