How to Update your OrgSync Portal

To update your portal, you will need to be an administrator for your organization.
Not an administrator? No problem. E-mail us at and we can help.

  1. Log into OrgSync with your Boise State username and password.
  2. From the “My Memberships” menu at the top of the screen, click on your organization’s name.
  3. You will now see your organization’s OrgSync portal. If you are an administrator for your portal, you will see a “Settings” menu at the bottom of the toolbar on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on “Organization settings.”
  4. From here, click the “Update and Renew Profile” button and update each field with your organization’s current information.
  5. When you reach the Positions Page, enter the names of the officers whom you have elected as President and Financial Officer for your student organization.
    IMPORTANT: These students must have an OrgSync account prior to this step in order to auto-populate in the positions slots.Enter the name(s) of your advisor(s) in the appropriate slots.
    IMPORTANT: Advisors must have an OrgSync account prior to this step in order to auto-populate in the positions slots. Your advisor will be sent an email notification with a link to confirm his/her advisor role—you may want to give them a heads up that your registration will not be complete until they complete their step.When done, click the green “continue” bar on the bottom right to move forward.
    NOTE: Your advisor(s) will receive an email notification with instructions to complete the Advisor Confirmation Form. This is a required step to completing your registration and any time a new advisor is added to the portal.
  6. Continue following the instructions and remember to click submit at the end. The Student Involvement and Leadership Center will review your portal updates before you are notified it has been approved. We will also notify you when your student organization has completed the annual registration process.

Questions? Contact the Student Involvement and Leadership Center at or (208) 426-1223.