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Goodbye OrgSync, Hello Engage

On May 31, we’ll be saying goodbye to OrgSync and hello to Engage, an easier, better way to manage your organizations and track your involvement.

What will Engage Look Like?

User and mobile friendly, Engage offers a clean new look for all things involvement. Watch this short video to see a preview of what Engage has to offer.

The Details

Transition Timeline

March - May

Sharing previews of the site, getting OrgSync ready to retire, and preparing for student and campus partner summer training. During this time we recommend that you:

  • Keep using OrgSync
  • Attend an Engage Preview Session
  • Export and download data and information that will not transfer to Engage (see what will not transfer below)

May 31

Last day to access OrgSync.

June 1

All OrgSync data will be transferred into Engage. See the “what will transfer” section for details.

June - July

Soft Launch Engage – Beta testing and hands-on training with campus partners and student groups. During this time you will be able to:

  • Login to Engage and explore
  • Attend or watch recorded Engage training webinars (check back for updates and relvant links)
  • Provide input and feedback to Student Involvement staff

August 1

Engage Full Launch – Student Organization Annual Registration begins. To start the registration process:

  • Login to Engage and update your organization’s profile information
  • Complete relevant officer training
  • Register for the Involvement Fair

What will transfer to Engage?

The following information and data will automatically transfer to Engage on June 1.

  • Your memberships
  • Organization membership rosters
  • Basic organization portal information
  • Forms and form submissions
  • Files and photos
  • Past and future events
  • Past event attendance tracking

What will not transfer to Engage?

The following information and data will not automatically transfer to Engage on June 1.

  • Organization profile picture
  • Organization positions
  • Event forms and RSVP submissions
  • Past news posts
  • Individual form custom messaging

If you would like to download and import any information or data that will not automatically transfer please reach out to by May 15 for instructions.

What do you need to do?

Follow these steps to be sure your organization is ready for the transition to Engage.

  • Keep using OrgSync until May 31.
    • Any fall events and/or travel can be submitted now and will be transferred to Engage automatically.
  • Make sure your organization’s information and membership roster is up to date by May 15.
  • Export any information from OrgSync that you would be upset if for some reason it didn’t transfer to Engage.
  • Register to attend one of our Engage Preview Sessions.
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