Student Organization Handbook – Section I. B.

Section I. Student Organization Recognition

B. Recognition and Registration Process

More than 200 student groups at Boise State University register each year with the Student Involvement & Leadership Center to become recognized student organizations. Student organizations provide opportunities for learning outside the classroom, for meeting other people with similar interests, for developing life, work and leadership skills, for gaining a broader experience and a greater perspective, and for engaging students as citizens of the campus community.

The authority to recognize student organizations on behalf of Boise State University resides with the vice president for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. However, this authority is delegated to the director and staff of the Student Involvement and Leadership Center.

A mandatory, annual registration process for all student organizations allows them to exist as groups and have access to all the privileges afforded to them by the university.

The Student Involvement & Leadership Center acknowledges several levels of recognition:

  • Active: A student organization maintaining an Active status is fully registered with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center. This status is contingent upon meeting all required recognition policies and procedures.
  • Inactive: A student organization with Inactive status is fully registered with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center, but the organization has in some way failed to meet registration requirements or follow procedures and guidelines.
  • Loss of University Recognition: When a student organization fails to meet or maintain registration requirements or follow procedures and guidelines, the student organization will lose its recognition from the university and all rights granted to it through Active status.
  • Withdrawal of University Recognition: Any student organization voluntarily choosing to deactivate its status may withdraw its recognition from the university. Contact the Student Involvement and Leadership Center for assistance in deactivating your group.

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