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Bronco Giving Day Ambassador

Join us for Bronco Giving Day 2021

Be a Bronco Giving Day Ambassador

Share your Boise State pride and passion with your network around the world as a Bronco Giving Day ambassador.

We offer many ways to serve as an ambassador — either in an official capacity with access to a special set of content or simply as someone who wants to follow and reshare content. Scroll through below to see which one is for you.

Unofficial Ambassador

Do you want to share your passion for Boise State, but don’t want a big time commitment? Join us as an unofficial ambassador. Simply pledge to follow us during Bronco Giving and reshare content from our social media channels. Or look for the hashtag #BroncosGive for more content to share.

Lead the Crowd as an Orange Ambassador

Help the Bronco Giving Day team reach all of Bronco Nation by joining as an orange level ambassador. We will give you all the tools you need to help promote Bronco Giving Day to your personal networks — no direct asks required — from mid-August through the end of the event.

Learn more about the orange level ambassador role below.

Orange Level Ambassador


Go All In as a Blue Level Ambassador

As a blue level ambassador, you are all in! You commit to help the Bronco Giving Day team raise awareness, utilize your peer networks for direct asks and helping steward your donors through strategic personal outreach from late July through Sept. 30.

Learn more about this vital ambassador role below.

Blue Level Ambassador


Become a Bronco Giving Day Ambassador

Fill out the form below to be recognized as either an unofficial, blue level or orange level ambassador and be eligible for incentives and more!

Bronco Giving Day Ambassador Form

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  • Preferred Social Media Channels (Check all that apply)
    Please list social media channels that you use. This will help us tailor a toolkit to your needs/preferences.

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