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Advancing Boise State

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Boise State University. This holiday, like every day, we are thankful for all you do for the students, faculty, and staff at Boise State. Your support gives students opportunities to learn and grow.

The Boise State University Center for the Visual Arts is a crown jewel on campus. Inside the center is another gem, the Keith and Catherine Stein Luminary.

Since its opening, the Luminary has served as an invaluable experience for younger school children, allowed the university to collaborate with other local arts institutions, and has been a medium for innovative ideas in research and creative activity for Boise State students and faculty.

The Luminary brings arts and treasures from around the globe to Boise through cutting-edge virtual reality and immersive technology. Students have joined in the operations of the space, helping code applications used by others to share their visions with the public. This is a place where art meets technology and the results are a better-informed community.

Thanks to the support of the Steins, students, and faculty have a unique and ultramodern place to explore the world.

There is a multitude of ways to engage with the Stein Luminary. You can learn more about how this cultured facility impacts education at Boise State.

Go Broncos!

Matthew Ewing, Advancement, faculty/staff, Studio portrait by Priscilla Grover
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Matthew N. Ewing
Vice President for University Advancement

Bronco Giving Day Areas of Impact

men's basketball with trophy Athletics

From the field to the court, Bronco spirit unites us. It gives us all a common goal to cheer for and celebrate. Athletics at Boise State is all about positive support, strength and togetherness, teaching dedication on and off the field of competition.

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Graduates on The Blue Scholarships

Making a college education accessible to anyone is one of our highest priorities at Boise State, and we believe that being a Bronco should be within reach regardless of their ability to pay. Scholarships make that possible. From debate and genetic counseling to gap years and Broncos of the Last Decade, there are ways of making a Boise State education more affordable that need your support.

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Boise State students jumping Student Life

You can’t get grades in it and it won’t appear on your transcript, but the social experience is a fundamental part of going to college. Student organizations, sports and clubs appeal to our diverse student body from all across the country and provide a safe, secure environment for socializing, professional advancement and more, ensuring students feel supported while in school.

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students in backpacks Student Emergency Aid

Life is full of hurdles, but Boise State believes school shouldn’t be one of them. Through the help of resources and financial assistance such as the Student Emergency Fund, we are committed to helping students focus on their studies when life gets challenging off campus.

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Group of students wearing suits Career Development

A Boise State education nourishes the intellect. It also prepares Broncos for the road ahead. Whether their future is in the boardroom, on the production floor or in uniform, they can rely on their alma mater to help get them ready, sharpen their skills and make connections.

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Yoga on The Blue Health and Wellness

Broncos are at their best when they’re sound in body and mind, and we offer resources and services that help them achieve that. Programs like BroncoFit, club sports and the Rec Center provide education and tools for wellness to students, faculty and staff to help them meet their needs and their goals.

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students in the luminary Arts and Culture

Exemplified by the likes of the Stein Luminary and the loud and proud Blue Thunder Marching Band, the arts and culture at Boise State inspire and connect us all. Advancing programs and facilities invite students, staff and the broader community to embrace creativity. We’re in the business of fostering a community of visionaries.

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Friendship Bridge Environment and Sustainability

Inside and outside our corner of the City of Trees, Boise State is committed to environmental education, sustainability and beautification. Our programs help to raise awareness and encourage conscious action towards the betterment of the environment and a greener campus.

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construction management building rendering

Construction Management Building

We have a goal to raise $500,000 to name the High Bay in the new Construction Management Building the “Construction Management Alumni (CMA) Lab.” On Bronco Giving Day, we hope to raise $250,000 of that goal.

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Make Your Gift Go Further with Dollar for Dollar Matches

Thanks to many generous donors, there are several dollar-for-dollar matches happening during Bronco Giving Day. All gifts to the construction management buildingBronco Corpsalumni scholarships and the COBE Current Use Scholarship Fund will be matched up to $10,000 each.

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Unlock Additional Gifts

Whether you’re giving $5 or $500, your donations matter. Especially when that single gift could unlock an additional $25,000, like the 25th gift to student teacher scholarships and the 25th gift to the construction management building. Keep an eye out for these types of challenges, as there are several happening throughout Bronco Giving Day.

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Early Bird Special and Procrastinator Challenge

The first donation on March 2 will win $500 to the area of their choice! Not an early bird? Don’t worry! The last person to give on March 3 will be rewarded with $500 to the fund of their choice.

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Farthest Gift from Campus Challenge

The member of Bronco Nation who gives farthest from Boise, ID, will be rewarded with an extra $500 donation to their area of interest.

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Challenge Hours

Thanks to the Boise State Foundation Board, be on the lookout for several Challenge Hours throughout March 2 and 3 for your chance to unlock additional donations for the area of your choice!

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#BroncosGive Social Media Challenges

Are you the furthest from campus? Have the best photo of your Future Bronco, Bronco Pet, gameday attire or tailgate? Do you know your Bronco trivia better than the rest? Prove it by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for social media-specific challenges. Be chosen and you could designate from $100 to $500 to the fund of your choice!

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Providing for Yourself, Loved Ones, and Boise State

Creating a plan for your future is important. Taking the time to make a will can help you take care of your loved ones, assets and benefit the causes and organizations you believe in. Get started by downloading our free planning guide or contact our gift planning team with any questions as you may have as you plan.

Free Planning Guide
You Make it Possible

Become a Donor

The generosity of our alumni and friends has, and continues to help those in need at Boise State. Please make an impactful gift and continue the Boise State tradition of giving in support of other members of the Bronco Family.

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Find Us on March 2-3

snapshot of the I Gave buttonGet Your “I Gave” Button

Come join the Broncos Of the Last Decade (BOLD) Committee on March 2 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the downtown Bronco Shop to give, pick up your “I Gave” button, receive unique Boise State alumni swag items and snag a few new items at the Bronco Shop. On campus? Stop by the Jordan Ballroom in the Student Union to get your button, snap a selfie in our photo booth, and much more!

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student philanthropy board

Skip a Sip with Push and Pour

Meet one of our newest student organizations on campus, the Student Philanthropy Board on March 2 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Quad. These students will be sharing the impact of donors. Push and Pour will also be on hand for a special Skip a Sip. Grab a cup of coffee and donate its cost to Bronco Giving Day!

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bronco giving day studentsCelebrate our Success Together

Save the date to celebrate the generosity of the Boise State community by joining us for a post-Bronco Giving Day celebration at 1 p.m. in the Jordan Ballroom of the Student Union on March 3. There will be food, fun, results and highlights from the day, a visit from the Blue Thunder Marching Band and the Spirit Squad, and much more!

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