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Boise State offers undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and technical programs in nearly 200 fields of interest through its academic colleges. In addition, the university’s Honors College offers a unique and challenging experience for talented, highly motivated students. Or support nonprofit academic research centers and community outreach programs like the Intermountain Bird Observatory who operate under Boise State University.

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College Programs and Priorities

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is growing as a contributor to the university’s advancing portfolio of research programs and advanced degrees. At the same time, it is carefully reinforcing its traditional role in foundational education requirements for virtually all of the university’s undergraduates. To reach these goals the college is:

  • Building new, bold physical spaces that will help consolidate its identity, and provide specific and custom space needed by key programs
  • Developing deeper financial and resource support for its students and faculty
  • Deepening support of established research and Ph.D. programs, while fostering the growth and stability of new advanced degree programs in strategic disciplines

College of Business and Economics

The College of Business and Economics is building on its strong reputation for academics, workforce development, consultation with regional businesses and research to enhance its reputation and further elevate the quality of its academic programs. To do this, the college is:

  • Expanding and enhancing its support of graduate programs and students of all levels
  • Investing in and elevating successful programs to give them and the college a higher stature and profile
  • Incorporating ethics, social responsibility sustainability, a global perspective and problem solving in all programs
  • Fostering growth in its research culture among faculty and building a critical mass of graduate level students interested in research
  • Recruiting and retaining tenure track faculty to maintain Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business accreditation
  • Deepening its culture of community partnership and collaboration by bolstering successful business outreach centers

College of Education

The College of Education is a leader in teacher education in Idaho and an essential creator of new knowledge and applied understanding in integrated teaching and learning, multiculturalism, and physical health and performance. To build a national example for exemplary teacher education, deepen its unique research opportunities and deepen its role as an essential contributor to the university’s goals for advanced degree programs, the college is:

  • Securing more scholarship opportunities for its students
  • Ensuring programs have facilities that match their needs and potential
  • Developing programmatic support through endowed faculty positions and administrative support for research

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering’s growth into one of the Pacific Northwest’s most successful and respected programs will continue with the development of strong tools for recruiting high-ability students – especially women and other underrepresented groups – and faculty eager to embrace its focus on providing a strong undergraduate education and building its already strong research culture. To achieve this the college is deepening its support of students and faculty by:

  • Building scholarship resources that allow it to recruit strong students from all backgrounds
  • Creating new spaces that allow students to engage one another and the curriculum through application, and provide faculty with laboratories and other facilities that facilitate the growth of internationally recognized research.
  • Enhancing faculty support through more attractive start-up packages, salaries and administrative support that allows them to focus on teaching and research

College of Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences is building on its rich tradition of educating high-quality practitioners and healthcare providers by becoming a center of thought for the development of healthcare practices that reflect and shape today’s swiftly shifting healthcare paradigm. A new generation of high-level, in-demand healthcare thought leaders with new ideas and abilities is required to provide solutions to the region’s unique healthcare challenges, including rural healthcare challenges and the need for patient-centered inter-professional healthcare. To achieve this the college is:

  • Deepening its culture of research
  • Elevating its graduate education offerings
  • Enriching the interdisciplinary nature of its undergraduate offerings

College of Innovation and Design

The College of Innovation and Design (CID) is about nurturing new ideas – born out of the best faculty, student, and community input to ensure the growth and value of a Boise State education. From new cross-disciplinary majors to new courses designed to build skills employers demand to re-imagining the future of a university, CID is looking to incubate the most innovative and exciting ideas facing Boise State and higher education today. To fulfill this vision, the college is:

  • Designing and delivering experiences for learning that range freely across disciplines and look beyond traditional majors and minors for new ways to validate skills, knowledge and experiences;
  • Enabling a portfolio of university initiatives including Venture College, Bridge to Career, and Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP);
  • Behaving like a startup to reimagine the way the university teaches, learns, and conducts research at Boise State;
  • Linking research to emerging workplace demands;
  • Investing in good ideas and people. Experiential and immersive learning that pave ways to learning that are more in sync with employer requirements for the work force of tomorrow;

School of Public Service

The School of Public Service is dedicated to excellence in innovative teaching, cutting edge scholarship and meaningful community outreach, serving the State of Idaho, region, nation and global communities. The school is comprised of rich and diverse academic programs, as well as talented affiliated faculty from departments and programs across the university. The mission of the school also is supported by a variety of centers and institutes that facilitate research and public engagement. To advance its mission, the school is:

  • Establishing endowments to deepen support of its existing locally-focused scholarly publications, student groups and areas of study unique to the college
  • Expanding endowed support for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and administration in a variety of its departments and programs
  • Creating adequate classroom space for key programs

Honors College

The Honors College offers talented, highly motivated students the personalized attention of a small liberal arts school. Its role helps the university recruit high-ability students, enhance its learning environment, and raise its overall prestige among peers. By strengthening the Honors College, the university can strengthen its overall academic environment and reputation, and fuel dynamism on campus. To create a world-class honors program experience for its students, the Honors College is:

  • Broadly expanding the availability of scholarships, allowing it to compete with other top-caliber programs in recruiting the best possible students to Boise State
  • Creating incentives to attract visiting faculty that will enrich the Honors College’s student experience
  • Deepening resources for offering students international academic experience and funding for research initiatives, including travel
  • Planning to build or remodel a campus residential hall to create a unique, specifically designed home for the honors program

About Albertsons Library

The Albertsons Library is the vibrant and welcoming heart of the Boise State University community. It is home to interactive group spaces, quiet study areas, the largest computer lab on campus and instructional offerings that reach nearly every student. The Library is constantly adapting and advancing to meet and anticipate the needs of students, faculty and staff, and ever-evolving curricula.  To do this the Library is:

  • Investing in emerging technologies through the student-operated MakerLab to offer 3D printing, audio, video and 3D design, audio and video/image editing, and collaborative learning space
  • Lending laptops, iPads, power cords, emerging technology devices (Leap Motion, Makey Makey, Raspberry Pi), cameras and more
  • Digitizing archival and research materials for open, online access