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Scholarship Support Provides Hope for International Student

Nardos Ashenafi

For Boise State University international student Nardos Ashenafi, moving to Idaho from her home in Ethiopia to study mechanical engineering was a risk worth taking because it will one day benefit the people of her country.

“I wanted to come to Boise State because I wanted to study mechanical engineering, get as much experience as I could, and take my earned knowledge of industry back to my country,” she said.

Through the support of the Kem C. and Carolyn B. Gardner Scholarship, and by working in engineering labs, Nardos has been able to focus her studies on biomedical and robotics engineering and research.

“When I got the scholarship, I immediately took a job in a lab. I started working with computational analysis on how to deal with the human genometry,” Nardos said. “It was biomedical science. It was groundbreaking, and I loved it.”

In her third year of studies at Boise State, not only has she been able to conduct research alongside top faculty, but she’s also presented her findings at the Idaho Conference for Undergraduate Research, participated in the Phi Eta Sigma honor society programs and worked as a teaching assistant.

“It has taught me how to communicate with people and how to get them interested in course materials. So, I really hope to be a teacher one day,” she said.

Her commitment to academic achievement and her appreciation of the scholarship support is clear in the dedication she has toward completing her studies and giving back to others.

“Thanks to my scholarship support, I am relieved from the stress of taking a job that does not relate to my career development,” she said. “I’m able to do more research and participate in internships. I have never been more hopeful in reaching my goals.”

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From Scholarship Recipient to Commencement Speaker

Boise State University is proud to present Nardos Ayele Ashenafi as one of two Boise State spring 2019 commencement speakers. Ashenafi graduates summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering.