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Global Classroom (Faculty led programs)

The Global Learning team helps Boise State faculty to develop short courses to be taught abroad. Due to the diverse nature of our campus, Global Classroom programs (also known as faculty led programs) provide an important education abroad option to students with work and family commitments. GLO handles the administrative, financial, health and safety aspects and assists faculty to develop and to operate these programs. By developing short term programs, faculty can help provide all qualified Boise State students with the opportunity to participate in an experience abroad.

What are “Global Classroom programs”?

We also call these “faculty-led programs”. Global Classroom programs are stand-alone international academic experiences that operate for less than the standard academic term. Global Classroom programs offer shorter courses that are established as regular university courses. Courses may be new courses that take advantage of the opportunities of an international setting or Boise State courses adapted to a foreign environment and a condensed time frame. These programs may be from one – six weeks in duration.


Criteria to consider when developing a program proposal should include:

  • Sustainability— can the program be done more than one time?
  • Student appeal— is there enough potential appeal to generate sufficient applicants?
  • Does the program have potential to lead to connections to a university in another country that could eventually allow faculty or student exchanges to develop?
  • Does the program offer something unique that cannot be accomplished on campus?
  • Does the program fit into (or lead into) the college or department’s strategic plan especially with regard to efforts to promote internationalization of the campus and curriculum?
  • Will the program attract students outside the faculty leader’s department?
  • Is the program affordable?
  • Will it enhance student development?

GL has provided faculty guidelines for Global Classroom programs as a way to assist faculty and staff with the development of a successful program abroad. Global Learning works directly with faculty to develop and operate overseas programs. The responsibilities and information contained within these guidelines will assist leaders with program development.