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Vaccine Requirements

Participants Responsibilities and Expectations

Applicants who are selected for this Program will be required to:

Pre Travel

  • Submit the confirmation of participation from to Boise State, immediately after receiving the selection notification.
  • Provide a brief bio and photo (head shot), which will be posted on the program website.
  • Attend a one-day pre-departure orientation at Boise State (May 2021).

In Taiwan

  • Travel with the group from and to the U.S. Post-program travel plans will not be allowed. Departure from U.S.: June 1 and Return to U.S.: June 30.
  • Attend the entire program in Taiwan and all the planned activities throughout the duration of the program, including classes, lectures, excursions, meetings, workshops, etc. (4 weeks).
  • Make progress on the individual curricular project.
  • Understanding that every aspect of the program has an educational value and the potential to contribute to the curricular project.
  • Appreciate the cultural differences between Taiwan and the U.S. and the different ways of doing things, particularly as it pertain to time management, food culture, body language, and social customs.
  • Understand that this is a group program. As such, a healthy climate will depend on everyone’s flexibility and positive attitude.

Post Travel

  • August to December: Disseminate the experience at the respective institution, including but not limited to academic departments, institution-wide events, publications (faculty members) and outreach activities (K-12 educators). Participants must document and share with Boise State all publications (links) and outreach events (photos and presentations) for grant reporting and documentation.
  • October 2021: Write a brief journal and self-reflection (one page) on the participation of the program. This reflection will be shared online.
  • November 2021: Participate in a Boise State event, in which participants will share their experience in the form of a Poster Session and possibly, a meeting with students pursuing an Education career.
  • December 2021: Submit electronically all the results of the Program (i.e. learning modules, teaching units, or new courses) as detailed in the individual Project Statements. All submissions will be part of an OER (Open Educational Resources).