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Global Collaboration Projects: Virtual Exchanges in the Classroom

What is Global Collaboration Projects?

The Program connects Boise State faculty members interested in developing collaborative projects with international partner universities to support the teaching and learning process by infusing global perspectives to a course (or a topic covered in a course). GCP is a platform that allows project-based global collaboration through a virtual platform.

Global Collaboration Projects promotes Internationalization at Home by integrating international and intercultural dimensions into the formal and informal curriculum for students in a given course within domestic learning environments (Beelen & Jones, 2015). The GCP allows Boise State students to gain multiple and global perspectives on a topic -or topics- covered in the classroom.

What are good examples of Global Collaboration Projects?

In Fall 2021, Boise State piloted two Global Collaboration Projects. One was a COBE course focused on “Design Thinking” (taught by Prof. Christy Suciu) in partnership with the Lebanese American University (Beirut, Lebanon). The other was an SPS course focused on the Global South (taught by Dr. Saleh Ahmed), in collaboration with the Universidad Cientifica del Peru (Lima, Peru). Other, non-Boise State models can be found in this link.

How to become involved?

Interested faculty members must fill out this form to express interests and provide description of the project idea. The Center for Global Education will use this information to find suitable partners/faculty for a specific project, as described in the form. The matching will be made in consultation with the Boise State faculty member until a satisfactory partner is found.

After the matching is done, the Boise State faculty member will engage in direct communication with the faculty peer (or peers) from a global partner for further planning and collaboration.

What’s the role of the Center for Global Education?

  • Gather interest from the Boise State faculty and gather ideas from global partners for new Global Collaboration Projects.
  • Liaise Boise State faculty with peers from global partners, in the context of an idea for Global Collaboration Projects.
  • Provide administrative support to ensure the success of all GCPs.
  • Report annually on the activities and accomplishments drawn from the GCP.

What’s the role of the faculty involved in the projects?

  • The faculty, in collaboration with the faculty peer from the global partner university, will define the project, the duration of the collaboration, and expected outcomes.
  • The faculty, in collaboration with the peer from a global partner university,  will assess regularly the progress of the Digital Collaboration Project.
  • Faculty will write a succinct report on the results of the collaboration and lessons learned for further collaborations.

Is there any cost involved?

The GCP’s do not have a cost. However, students engaged in Global Collaboration Projects will be charged a virtual exchange fee of $50. The fee will be charged directly to the students account once, during the semester of execution of the GCP.