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About the Intensive English Program


Welcome to our IEP family!

We look forward to meeting you. Here at Boise State University, you’ll work with us to achieve your English language goals. Our small class sizes and individualized instruction make the IEP a great place to learn, develop, and succeed. The Intensive English Program at Boise State University is an excellent choice to learn English, make friends, and prepare for your future. See you soon!


Our IEP Family

We are dedicated to help you reach your goals. All of our full-time instructors have master’s-level degrees in TESOL, English, education, and other closely related disciplines. With over 120 years of combined ESL teaching experience, we are highly qualified to guide you toward success.

Our Mission

The mission of the Intensive English Program at Boise State University is to provide non-native English-speaking students with the opportunity to improve their English language skills for personal, professional, and/or academic success.

Our Goals

The program ensures that students increase proficiency in English and achieve academic success in core subjects.
To meet these goals, we promise:

  • Excellence in instruction by hiring highly qualified and dedicated instructors and staff;
  • Excellence in instruction by supporting and providing continued professional development opportunities;
  • Quality services for students to assist in their orientation, adjustment, and academic success;
  • Full immersion in and engagement with the U.S. culture and campus experience;
  • An environment that fosters open communication and appreciation of different cultural perspectives;
  • A challenging and relevant curriculum that engages students in active learning;
  • A yearly review of the curriculum and program policies.