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Jen Cruz, Assistant Professor

Photo of Jen Cruz

Watch Jen’s video here, or read the transcript below:

Hi everyone!  I am Jen Cruz, the new Assistant Professor in Population Ecology in the Department of Biological Sciences.  I am very excited to be joining the department, but also the bigger community at Boise State University.

I am Colombian and moved to Australia when I was young.  That’s where I completed my undergraduate at Monash University, then moved on to do a PhD with the University of Queensland, and then a Postdoc in New Zealand, followed by another Postdoc at the University of Wisconsin prior to coming to Boise.

I bring a rich background with lots of experiences working with very diverse communities.  I’m super excited to be joining Boise and joining the community here.  I’m bringing some of these experiences to the students.

Hobbies: Running, backpacking, traveling, wine tasting

Family: All my grandparents are alive: two live in Colombia, two are in Australia.  My dad died when I was 7.  I have one sister who lives in Australia.  My mum and stepdad are also there.

What I miss most about places I lived: My family and friends

Tip for visiting a new country: Just do it! International travel allows us to grow as human beings from being able to experience new cultures with an open mind.