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Devshikha Bose, Instructional Design Consultant


Photo of Devshikha Bose

Hi, I am Devshikha and I work at the Boise State University Center for Teaching and Learning as an instructional design consultant.  My job is primarily to help faculty succeed as instructors, and through them to achieve student success.

I think International Studies and going abroad for your education is really valuable because it gives you an opportunity to see new cultures, experience them firsthand, and what you can learn from these cultures– often a lot of good things. So it makes you become a better human being. It lets you see that there are other cultures who have… a lot of good things to offer, and that you can use to improve your own life and contribution to society.

Listen to Devshikha discuss more about her background, her home country of India, and some tips for travelling to a new country here.