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Maheshwar Boodraj, Assistant Professor

Photo of Maheshwar Boodraj

Hello! My name is Maheshwar Boodraj. I’m a new assistant professor of information technology management at Boise State University (BSU). I chose to work at BSU because of its exceptional leaders and outstanding faculty and staff. The things that surprised me the most about Boise was how friendly the people were, how beautiful the scenery was, and how many great coffee shops were around.

I’ve been fortunate to experience many cultures in my lifetime. I was born in Guyana (in South America), I grew up in Jamaica (in the Caribbean), I pursued doctoral studies in Atlanta, Georgia, and now I work in Boise, Idaho. Also, I regularly interact with friends and colleagues from numerous countries around the world. In fact, my own family is multiracial and multicultural.

Having this type of exposure has given me a great deal of empathy and perspective when interacting with others, especially those with different backgrounds and beliefs. For this reason, I strongly support international education – whether it comes from formal work/study programs or just traveling the world.