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Academy Fee and Guidelines

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Fees and Estimated Living Expenses

One semester (Fall or Spring, four months)Both semesters (Fall and Spring, August-May)
Academy fee$3,000 for members from Boise State University partner institutions, or

$3,500 for non-partner institutions
$5,500 for members from Boise State University partner institutions, or

$6,500 for non-partner institutions
Living expenses (minimum)$6,800$17,000
Total funding needed:$9,800 for partner members
$10,300 for non-members
$22,500 for partner members
$23,500 for non-members

All scholars must show that they have sufficient funding to participate in the Global Scholars Academy and receive appropriate immigration paperwork.  This funding might come from your home institution, government, organizations, or personal funds to cover the full period of your Academy study.

A deposit of $300 is required upon acceptance into the program and before visa documents can be issued and mailed.  This non-refundable deposit will be put toward the total balance of the Academy fee.

The Academy fee includes: application review, services for matching faculty mentor, creation of visa documents, ID card, library access, speaker honoraria, workshop materials, food and refreshments for workshops, transportation and entrance fees for cultural activities, Academy social activities, printed and bound portfolio of Academy work.

The Academy fee does not include: transportation to or from Boise, or any living expenses such as housing, personal transportation, food, and health insurance. Boise State estimates that this costs a minimum of $1,900 per month, reflected in the total amount of funding above.


By participating in the Global Scholars Academy you agree to abide by the following guidelines:

  • There are three options for attendance in the Academy.  You can attend the Academy either during the Fall semester, the Spring semester, or both semesters.  If you choose both semesters, you must start in the Fall and finish in the Spring (nine month duration).
  • If necessary, we will conduct a video interview in English to determine English proficiency as part of the application process.
  • You should arrive at Boise State before the mandatory Orientation session at the start of the Academy.
  • Attendance at each Academy session is mandatory.  After each session you must submit a reflection in order to receive a completed portfolio at the end of the Academy.
  • We will send you contact details for your appointed faculty mentor before the Academy starts.  Before you arrive in the US, you should introduce yourself to your mentor.  You should discuss your research interests and set up an initial meeting for the first week of the Academy.  They will help you make any campus and/or community connections you may need throughout the Academy and will introduce you to your work space and building. Collaboration with your faculty mentor is expected.  This may include guest lectures or presentations in classes or sharing your research with the department or Boise State community.
  • You must enroll in health insurance that meets minimum requirements for the Exchange Visitor Program.  We will send you information about health insurance requirements with your Academy acceptance materials.
  • Workshops and activities are subject to change based on the availability of speakers as well as Academy participants’ fields of interest and research.
  • Due to the nature of the Academy, we recommend that you do not bring any dependents to live with you.  We encourage your family and friends to visit you during vacation periods.

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