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Employment information for exchange students

Employment can be a great way to enrich your student exchange experience.  There are two main types of employment available to J-1 student exchange visitors: on-campus employment and off-campus employment.  All employment requires prior authorization through the Center for Global Education before you can start work.

On-Campus Employment

Working on-campus can help you gain valuable professional experience in the US.  The work does not have to be related to your field of study.  You can work up to 20 hours per week on-campus, but you can’t work after the end date on your DS-2019.

You must have authorization from your J-1 sponsor before you start any on-campus job and before you change on-campus jobs.  Your J-1 sponsor is listed on your DS-2019 and in most cases your J-1 sponsor is Boise State University.

Steps to complete:

  1. Find a suitable on-campus job
  2. Complete the J-1 Student On-Campus Employment Authorization Form with your employer
  3. If your employment is approved then apply for a social security number (if you don’t have one)
  4. Start work

You have to submit a new J-1 Student On-Campus Employment Authorization Form to the Center for Global Education every time you change on-campus jobs.  You can’t start working in the new job until your employment is approved.

Off-Campus Employment

If you want to work off-campus as a J-1 student exchange visitor then you must be approved for Academic Training (AT) before you start work.  AT is an authorization to work off-campus either during or after your J-1 program in a field directly related to your study at Boise State University.  You must have a written job offer to apply for AT.

You can learn more about Academic Training on our dedicated AT webpage.