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Master in Teaching in Elementary Education

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Master in Teaching in Elementary Education 
Course Number and TitleCredits
ED-CIFS 507 Foundations of American Education3
ED-CIFS 508 Student Learning and Classroom Interactions4
ED-CIFS 509 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment4
ED-CIFS 512 Integrated Methods in Teaching and Learning3
ED-CIFS 550 Seminar on Teaching and Learning1
ED-CIFS 567 Professional Year II - Elementary Teaching Experience9
ED-ESP 510 Foundations of Practice3
ED-LLC 512 Literacy Field Experiences1
ED-LLC 549 Idaho Comprehensive Literacy3
ED-LLC 561 Advanced Integrated Disciplinary Literacy in the Social Sciences3
ED-LLC 545 Writing Processes, Instruction, and Assessment: K-83
MATHED 524 Teaching and Learning Geometry3
MATHED 557 Teaching and Learning Number Concepts with Problem Solving3