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Master in Teaching in P-8 Special Education

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Master in Teaching in P-8 Special Education 
Course Number and TitleCredits
ED-ESP 510 Foundations of Practice3
ED-ESP 512 Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports in Early Childhood3
ED-ESP 513 Family Systems and Collaboration3
ED-ESP 514 ECSE Methods3
ED-ESP 518 Intensive, Individualized Behavior Support3
ED-ESP 540 Disability/Special Education and the Law3
ED-ESP 552 Language Arts for Special Educators3
ED-ESP 556 Evidence-Based Practices for Students with Support Needs3
ED-ESP 557 Universal Design and Assistive Technology3
ED-ESP 558 Assessment in Special Education3
ED-ESP 570 Mathematics for Special Educators3
ED-ESP 571 Professional Practice I1
ED-ESP 572 Professional Practice II1-2
ED-ESP 573 Professional Practice III1-2
ED-ESP 574 Professional Practice IV1-2