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Master in Teaching in Secondary Education

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Master in Teaching in Secondary Education 
Course Number and TitleCredits
ED-CIFS 507 Foundations of American Education3
ED-CIFS 508 Student Learning and Classroom Interactions4
ED-CIFS 509 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment4
ED-CIFS 550 Seminar on Teaching and Learning1
ED-CIFS 565 Professional Year - Grades 6-9 Teaching Experience II or
ED-CIFS 566 Professional Year - Grades 9-12 Teaching Experience II
ED-ESP 550 Teaching Students with Exceptional Needs3
ED-LLC 544 Content Literacy in Secondary Schools3
One or two of the following (dependent on endorsement area; see program coordinator for details):
ART 322 Elementary School Art Methods for Art Education Majors
ART 351 Secondary School Art Methods
ED-CIFS 534 Secondary Social Studies Methods
STEM-ED 410 Project-Based Instruction
THEA 318 Methods of Teaching Secondary School Theatre
WORLD 410 Approaches to Foreign Language Education