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Master of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience

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Course NumberTitleCredts
Required Course
CORE 500Cyber Systems Thinking3
CORE 501Cyber Risk Assessment1
Electives: Choose Six
CORE 502Cyber Threat Modeling1
CORE 503Information Assurance1
CORE 510Applied Cybersecurity Programming1
CORE 511Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning1
CORE 512Introduction to Deep Learning1
CORE 513Internet of Things Architecture1
CORE 514Cyber-Informed Engineering1
CORE 520Cyber Security Operations Center1
CORE 521Cyber Business and Regulatory Operations1
CORE 522Cyber Red and Blue Teams1
Elective(potential transfer credit)3
Capstone: Choose Two
CORE 578Teaching1
CORE 579Certification1
CORE 591Project1
Certificates: Choose Two Certifiacte Options
Analyst and Threat Intelligence Certificate
CORE 550Cyber Threat Intelligence
CORE 551Cyber Warfare and Conflicts3
CORE 552Cyber Digital and Signal Intelligence3
Resilience Engineering Certificate
CORE 560Cyber Resilience Systems Design3
CORE 561Network Design and Exploitation Techniques3
CORE 562Resilience Coding and Architecture of Devices3
Governance Policy Administration Certificate
CORE 570Cyber Risk Management3
CORE 571Cyber Law, Ethics and Policy3
CORE 572Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance3
Total gCORe Degree Requirements30