Doctor of Education in Educational Technology

  • Program Coordinator: Ross Perkins and Patrick Lowenthal
  • Education Building, Room 312
  • (208) 426-4875

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Doctor of Education in Educational Technology
Course Number and TitleCredits
Core Courses
EDTECH 601 Doctoral Studies Orientation3
EDTECH 603 Global and Cultural Perspectives in Educational Technology3
EDTECH 604 Leadership in Educational Technology3
EDTECH 606 Research Writing3
Research Courses
EDTECH 650 Research in Educational Technology3
EDTECH 651 Introduction to Statistics for Educational Technology3
EDTECH 652 Quantitative Research Methods3
EDTECH 653 Qualitative Research Methods3
Research Elective
A graduate-level research course applicable to education, educational technology, or a related field.
Cognate Area
A series of three graduate courses (from a relevant field) that are connected by a common thread or theme.9
Graduate courses in education, educational technology, or a related field; all courses are selected with student input and approved by the supervisory committee.
Innovation Experience
EDTECH 640 Innovative Practices in Educational Technology3
Doctoral Seminar
EDTECH 698 Seminar in Educational Technology4
Culminating Examination
EDTECH 691 Doctoral Comprehensive Examination1
Culminating Activity
EDTECH 693 Dissertation10

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