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Doctor of Philosophy in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

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Doctor of Philosophy in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Course Number and TitleCredits
EEB 601 Principles & Processes in Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior4
EEB 603 Reproducible Science3
EEB 604 Science and Communication II3
EEB 605 Current Research in EEB2
Quantitative Requirement (choose at least 1 course from the following):
ANTH 504 Statistical Methods in Anthropology
BIOL 601 Biometry
BIOL 603 Advanced Biometry
EEB 607 Quantitative Methods for Population and Habitat Analysis
EEB 621 Advanced Ecological Data Analysis
GEOPH 522 Data Analysis and Geostatistics
GEOS 505 Introduction to Numerical Methods for the Geosciences
MATH 572 Computational Statistics
MATH 573 Time Series Analysis
MATH 574 Linear Models
Approved electives courses in ANTH, BIOL, BMOL, BOT, EEB, GEOS, HES, ZOOL or related fields as approved by the supervisory committee and by the coordinator of the EEB doctoral program.13-14
EEB 691 Doctoral Comprehensive Examination1
EEB 693 Dissertation30
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