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Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering

  • Program Director: Trevor Lujan
  • Program Associate Director: Tyler Brown
  • Program Administrator: Ashley Holden
  • Ruch Engineering Building, Room 201
  • (208) 426-4095

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Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering
Course Number and TitleCredits
Core Requirements
Select one course from each of the following areas, or alternative course(s) as approved by the program coordinator:

KINES 520/ME 520 Advanced Biomechanics

Life Sciences
KINES 510 Physiology of Activity
KINES 560 Motor Learning
ZOOL 501 Human Physiology

Research Methods
EEB 603 Reproducible Science
BIOL 601 Biometry
KINES 551 Research Design in Exercise and Sport
KINES 552 Applied Statistical Methods
Track Courses
Track courses approved by the program coordinator and the student’s advisor.
Elective Courses
Elective course(s) approved by the student’s advisor.
BME 598 Graduate Seminar
Enrollment in two semesters of Graduate Seminar is required.
BME 601 Graduate Professional Development1
BME 689 Dissertation Proposal1
BME 691 Doctoral Comprehensive Examination2
BME 696 Directed Research3
Culminating Activity
BME 693 Dissertation

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