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Graduate Certificate in Health Services Leadership

  • Graduate Program Director: Mike Mann
  • Health Sciences Riverside Building, Room 112
  • (208) 426-3334

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Graduate Certificate in Health Services Leadership
Course Number and TitleCredits
DISPUT 501 Human Factors in Conflict Management1
DISPUT 502 Negotiation Theory and Practice1
DISPUT 505 Culture and Conflict1
MHLTHSCI 522 Management for Health Professionals3
MHLTHSCI 525 Leadership for Health Professionals3
Select 6 credits from the following:
ECON 540 Health Economics (3 cr) or
MHLTHSCI 504 Health Care Economics, Financing and Delivery (3 cr)
MHLTHSCI 520 Population Health and Delivery Systems (3 cr)
MHLTHSCI 529 Marketing for Health Professionals (3 cr)
MHLTHSCI 550 Current Issues in Health Policy (3 cr)