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Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Administration

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Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Administration
Course Number and TitleCredits
Required Core
PUBADM 514 Introduction to Nonprofit Management and Collaboration3
PUBADM 517 Resource Management in Nonprofit Organizations3
Elective Courses:
Students must select nine credits from the electives listed below.
Electives not included in this list must be pre-approved by the Certificate Coordinator before a student can apply them toward their degree progress.
DISPUT 500 Basic Mediation Skills (3 cr)
MHLTHSCI 522 Management for Health Professionals (3 cr) MHLTHSCI 525 Leadership for Health Professionals (3 cr) PUBADM 500 Administration in the Public Sector
PUBADM 511 Decision-Making in Public and Nonprofit
Management (3 cr)
PUBADM 513 Economics of Public Policy (3 cr)
PUBADM 515 Policy Implementation and Practice (3 cr) PUBADM 516 City-County Governance and Administration (3 cr)
PUBADM 518 Introduction to Contract Management (3 cr) PUBADM 532 Grant Writing (3 cr)
PUBADM 550 The Executive and the Administrative Process (3 cr)
PUBADM 560 State and Local Government Policy and
Administration (3 cr)
PUBADM 570 Public Management Skills and Techniques (3 cr) PUBADM 571 Ethics in the Public Sector (3 cr)
Internship/Service Learning
A 3-credit internship or 3 credits of coursework with associated service-learning designation are required of students without
substantive management experience in the nonprofit sector. Students who have such experience may petition to have the internship/service learning requirement waived. Contact the coordinator of this certificate for guidelines.
PUBADM 590 Internship

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