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Graduate Certificate in Teaching

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Graduate Certificate in Teaching
Course Number and TitleCredits
ED-CIFS 507 Foundations of American Education3
ED-ESP 510 Foundations of Practice or
ED-ESP 550 Teaching Students with Exceptional Needs
Four (4) courses chosen from:
ED-CIFS 508 Learning and Development of Students
ED-CIFS 509 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in Grades 6-12
ED-CIFS 331 Elementary Mathematics Curriculum & Instruction
ED-CIFS 547 Measurement and Geometry
ED-CIFS 550 Seminar On Teaching and Learning
ED-LLC 544 Content Literacy in Secondary Schools
ED-LLC 549 Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Course
ED-LLC 550 Advanced Content Literacy
Select one (1) Content Methods chosen from:
ED-CIFS 333 Elementary Science Curriculum and Instruction
ED-CIFS 533 Advanced Practices and Principles in Teaching Elementary Science
Or other content-specific methods course approved by supervisory committee/advisor.
Professional Year
ED-CIFS 329 Assessment in Teaching and Learning3
ED-CIFS 332 Elementary Classroom Learning Environments3
ED-CIFS 560 Professional Year I—Elementary Teaching Experience or
ED-CIFS 561 Professional Year—Teaching Experience I
ED-CIFS 562–566 Professional Year—Teaching Experience II or
ED-CIFS 567 Professional Year II—Elementary Teaching Experience
Students may need to complete up to 26 additional undergraduate-level credits in order to meet state teaching certification requirements. See program coordinator for details.

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