Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication

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Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication
Course Number and TitleCredits
ENGL 512 Technical Rhetoric and Applications3
ENGL 513 Technical Editing3
ENGL 535 User Experience3
Select two of the following:
ENGL 511 Rhetorical Theory for Workplace Writers (3 cr)
ENGL 515 Visual Rhetoric and Information Design (3 cr)
ENGL 516 Topics in Print Document Production (3 cr)
ENGL 518 Writing Software Documentation (3 cr)
ENGL 519 Technical Publications Management (3 cr)
ENGL 521 Topics in On-screen Document Production (3 cr)
ENGL 536 Proposal Development (3 cr)
ENGL 537 Writing for Social Media and Online Communities (3 cr)
ENGL 590 Internship (varies)
Students who wish to substitute an alternative course for one of the two listed electives may petition the Director of Technical Communication.

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