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Master of Science in Hydrologic Sciences

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Master of Science in Hydrologic Sciences
Course Number and TitleCredits
ENGR 500 Research Methods (1 cr)
or GEOS 601 Graduate Orientation (1 cr)
GEOS 598 Graduate Seminar
or Supervisory Committee approved seminar in CE or BIOL
Enrollment in Graduate Seminar is required each semester for students with advisors in the Department of Geosciences; one credit may be applied towards graduation.
Hydrologic Sciences Core
GEOPH 522 Data Analysis and Geostatistics
or BIOL 601 Biometry
GEOS 512/CE 512 Hydrology3
GEOS 516 Hydrology3
GEOS 518 Applied Hydrologic Modeling3
GEOS 526/CE 526 Aqueous Geochemistry3
GEOS 652 Methods in Hydrologic Science3
Electives Approved by the Supervisory Committee (at least 3 credits must be at 600 level)6
Culminating Activity
BIOL 593 Thesis
or CE 593 Thesis
or GEOS 593 Thesis
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