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Master of Arts in Criminal Justice

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Master of Arts in Criminal Justice
Course Number and TitleCredits
Foundation Series
The following core courses are required of all students. It is recommended that these courses be taken prior to other graduate work.
CJ 501 Crime and Criminal Justice3
CJ 503 Criminal Justice Research3
CJ 504 Statistics for Criminal Justice3
CJ 506 Theories of Crime3
CJ 513 Victimology3
Seminar Series
Students are required to complete nine credits from the following list of courses. It is recommended that core courses be completed prior to enrolling in seminar series courses.
CJ 502 Seminar: Organization and Management of Criminal Justice
CJ 505 Seminar: Law and Social Control
CJ 507 Seminar: Issues in Contemporary Policing
CJ 508 Seminar: The Legal Process
CJ 509 Seminar: Juvenile Justice
CJ 512 Seminar: Gender and Justice
CJ 514 Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Corrections
CJ 515 Seminar: Critical Issues in Criminal Justice
Electives may be taken anywhere in the university but must be approved by the student’s graduate committee and the CJ graduate coordinator. The student must demonstrate, to the committee’s satisfaction, how the electives are to fit into the student’s program of study and career objectives. Boise State graduates with any listed course in undergraduate work which applied to the undergraduate degree may not apply that course to the graduate degree.
Culminating Activity
CJ 593 Thesis (6 cr) or
CJ 690 Master’s Comprehensive Examination (3 cr)
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