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Master of Arts in English, Literature

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Master of Arts in English, Literature
Course Number and TitleCredits
The Master of Arts in English, Literature offers two options for completion of the degree. The first is a 33-hour thesis/project option, which requires 15 hours of core courses and 15 hours of general electives plus a 3-credit thesis, project, or portfolio. This option is designed particularly for students who plan to continue their studies in a doctoral program, and others who wish to engage in an intensive research and writing experience. The other is a 36-hour course work degree, which includes 15 hours of core requirements and 21 hours of general electives. This degree is designed for students who wish to study a wide range of literature, rhetoric and composition, linguistics, English Education and/or Technical Communication courses.
Core Requirements
ENGL 500 Research Methods in Literary Studies3
ENGL 510 Seminar in Major American or English Writer3
ENGL 530* Studies in a Literary Period6
ENGL 588 Survey of Critical Theory3
*Candidates must take at least two period courses. One of these must be in literature up to 1800, and the other in literature after 1800.
To be selected from other graduate offerings in Literature, Linguistics, English Education, Rhetoric and Composition, Creative Writing, and Technical Communication. The electives may include ENGL 598 Seminar (Teaching Assistants), a maximum of six credits of ENGL 400G courses, and a maximum of three credits of independent work in ENGL 590, ENGL 595, and/or ENGL 596.
Thesis, Portfolio, or Project Option
Students take 3 credits of ENGL 591 Project, ENGL 592 Portfolio or ENGL 593 Thesis in their final semester. With the help of an advisor, the student selects a thesis or project topic or develops material for inclusion in a portfolio and prepares a prospectus before the student’s final semester. After completion of the thesis, portfolio, or project, the student must pass an oral defense.
Course Work Option
Students take six additional hours of electives as described above, for a total of 21 hours of electives.
Additional Information
No credits taken outside the English Department may be applied toward graduation requirements. Only three (3) credits of Thesis, Portfolio, or Project may be applied toward graduation requirements. No more than six credits earned in pass/fail or workshop courses may be applied toward a graduate degree (see Graduate Catalog under “Academic Policies, Credit Limits for Pass/Fail Courses, Workshops, and Directed Research”).
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