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Master of Arts in Political Science

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Master of Arts in Political Science
Course Number and TitleCredits
Select one course from the following:
POLS 508 Quantitative Research Methodology
SPS 502 Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences
SPS 503 Qualitative Methods for the Social Sciences
Select two courses from the following:
POLS 500 American Government and Politics
POLS 505 Comparative Politics
POLS 506 World Politics
American Politics
POLS 512 Political Parties, Campaigns, and Elections
POLS 513 American Presidency
POLS 514 Legislative Politics
POLS 516 Institutions, Citizenship, and Contemporary Thought
POLS 518 Judicial Decision Making
POLS 520 Contemporary Issues in American Politics

Comparative Politics/International Relations
POLS 521 Comparative Electoral Behavior
POLS 522 Comparative Political Parties
POLS 523 Non-Democratic Regimes
POLS 524 Politics of Inequality
POLS 525 Civil War and Terrorism
POLS 526 Democratization
POLS 528 Advanced International Political Economy
POLS 530 State Institutions and Civil Society
POLS 531 Contemporary Issues in World Politics

SPS 501 Social Science Research Design
SPS 504 Survey Research
SPS 507 Advanced Qualitative Methods and Analysis
SPS 508 Maximum Likelihood Estimation
SPS 509 Advanced Quantitative Methodology
SPS 510 Game Theory and Formal Modeling
Other Electives (maximum of six credits):
Electives approved by supervisory committee.

*Students must complete at least two of the following courses before they can begin electives: POLS 500, POLS 505, POLS 506. Students may not take more than 3 credits from workshops.
Culminating Activity
POLS 593 Thesis (8 cr) or
POLS 690 Master’s Comprehensive Examination (2 cr)
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