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Master of Arts or Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

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Master of Arts or Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies
Degree Requirements
Each program is developed individually according to the student’s interests and background but must be intellectually defensible and clearly interdisciplinary in nature. In addition to any Graduate College requirements not mentioned here, the requirements of the IDS Program are as follows:
1. Course work must be selected from a minimum of two academic areas.
2. No more than 6 credits of work completed prior to approval of the degree plan by the IDS Committee may be included in the program.
3. No more than 11 credits of 300G or 400G courses may be applied toward the program.
4. No more than 9 transfer credits may be included in the program.
5. No more than 9 credits of independent study (596) may be included in the program.
6. Courses may not be challenged for credit.
7. The degree will consist of a total of no less than 33 credits, of which no more than 16 credits may be earned in the College of Business. Students may select (with IDS Committee approval) from a thesis/project option or a written examination option. The thesis/project will carry 6 credits. Under either option, the student will be required to draw critically upon the two or more disciplines studied and to integrate disciplinary insights.
8. Students completing the thesis/project option will, upon completion of that option, meet with their 3-person graduate committee for a final review of the thesis or project.
9. Students completing the examination option will take a written examination prepared by their 3-person graduate committee, with whom they will subsequently meet for a review of results.
10. Minor revisions to the plan of study may be approved by the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies upon the recommendation of the student’s graduate advisor; major changes must be approved by the university-wide IDS Committee.
11. All work toward the MA/MS degree in Interdisciplinary Studies must be completed within a period of seven years.
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