Master of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

  • Graduate Program Coordinator: Roger Stewart
  • Education Building, Room 503
  • (208) 426-2862

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Master of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Course Number and TitleCredits
ED-CIFS 506 Issues and Equity in Education3
ED-LLC 500 The Bilingual/ESL Curriculum: Creating, Planning, Implementation3
*ED-LLC 501 Culturally Diverse Learners3
*ED-LLC 502 Methods of Teaching English Language Learners3
*ED-LLC 503 Applied Theoretical Foundations of Bilingual Education/ESL and Multiculturalism3
ED-LLC 504 Literacies for Bilingual and English Language Learners3
*ED-LLC 505 Applied Linguistics: From Theory to Practice3
ED-LLC 507 Parental Involvement: Building a Community of Bilingual/ESL Learners2
*ED-LLC 510 Field Experience in ESL Classrooms1-2
*ED-LLC 531 Advanced Assessment of Learners in the Bilingual/ESL Classroom3
ED-LLC 672 Capstone Proposal1
ED-LLC 692 Capstone Course (P/F)2
This master’s program is for both elementary and secondary teachers P-12. 
The TESOL program uses primarily the Spanish language for examples but is applicable to all non-English languages. It does not require a student to be bilingual. Completion of the TESOL program does not qualify the candidate for state certification. However, these courses may be used toward certification renewal or endorsement.
To earn TESOL endorsement student must have 4 credits in a world language.
*Courses approved for State of Idaho Bilingual/ESL K-12 endorsement.

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