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Master of Music, Music Education

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Course Number and TitleCredits
Graduation Requirements
33-36 credits minimum, stipulated below, are required for graduation. The actual number of credit hours may vary depending on the needs of individual students as determined by the results of predictive examinations. Candidates are required to establish an area of emphasis in one of the following: elementary, choral, or instrumental music education.
Core Courses
MUS 503 Introduction to Music Research3
MUS 510 Advanced Analytical Procedures I3
MUS 570 New Developments in Music Education3
MUS 576 History and Philosophy of Music Education3
Music Education Emphasis Area and Electives
(courses selected with the approval of the student’s Committee)
A. 6 credits in the student’s area of emphasis: elementary general music, choral music, or instrumental music. No more than four (4) workshop elective credits, of which one may be a music conference credit, may be applied towards the degree.6
B. 3 credits additional approved electives in music3
Other Music Courses
(courses selected with the approval of the student’s Committee)
Music History3
Additional credits selected from the following area(s)
A. Additional music theory or history course(s)
B. Music Ensemble(s)
C. Private Music Lessons
D. Conducting course(s)
Comprehensive Examination
A written comprehensive examination in music must be passed prior to completion of the student’s culminating activity. This exam will be tailored to each student’s graduate course work. The comprehensive exam may be taken after the completion of 27 hours of required course work to include 6 credits of the core courses and the 3 hours each in music history and music theory.
Oral Examination
If needed, an oral examination relating to the written comprehensive examination or to the culminating activity may be requested at the discretion of the candidate’s Committee.
Culminating Activity
MUS 591 Project (3 cr) or
MUS 593 Thesis (6 cr)
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