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Master of Music, Performance

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Master of Music, Performance
Course Number and TitleCredits
Graduation Requirements
32 credits minimum, stipulated below, are required for graduation. The actual number of credit hours may vary, depending on the needs of individual students as determined by the results of predictive examinations.
Core Courses
MUS 503 Introduction to Music Research3
MUS 510 Advanced Analytical Procedures I3
MUS 557 Major Instrument Literature3
Music History Elective3
Performance Courses:
MUS 563, 564 Major Instrument Pedagogy I, II, or
additional Music
History and/or Music Theory (6 cr)
*MUS 465G, 466G Diction for Singers I, II (4 cr) or
Additional Graduate level music elective (3 cr)
MUS-PRV 5_4 Private lessons on major instrument (8 cr)
(2 semesters minimum: private lessons must be taken each semester of residency)
Performance Culminating Project
MUS-APL 546 Graduate Solo Performance Recital
Performance Comprehensive Review
After successful completion of the culminating project, the student’s committee will administer a written examination consisting of three questions, one from each committee member. The questions will cover areas of the student’s recital or culminating project and course work taken toward the degree. After satisfactory completion of the written examination, the committee will meet with the student for an oral examination.
*Required of all vocal performance majors.

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