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Master of Science in Geoscience

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Master of Science in Geoscience
Course Number and TitleCredits
The student must complete a minimum of 30 credits, of which 20 or more are required to be at the 500-level.
Select one of the following:
12 credits of GEOG, GEOPH, or GEOS courses approved by student’s supervisory committee
Geology Core (4 of the following courses)
GEOS 523 Advanced Geomorphology (3 cr)
GEOS 525 Whole Earth Geochemistry (3 cr)
GEOS 541 Plate Tectonics (3 cr)
GEOS 560 Volcanology (3 cr)
GEOS 607 Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography (3 cr)
GEOS 601 Introduction to Research Program Development
Mandatory for the first year on campus for all students
GEOS 598 Graduate Seminar
Enrollment in Graduate Seminar is required each semester of all graduate students in residence; one credit may be applied towards graduation.
GEOS 593 Thesis6
Additional elective courses as approved by the supervisory committee and by the coordinator of the M.S. Geoscience program.10