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Master of Science in Mathematics

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Master of Science in Mathematics 
Course Number and TitleCredits
Required Core Graduate Mathematics Course
MATH 515 Real and Linear Analysis3
MATH 598 Graduate Seminar I: Introduction and Research1
MATH 599 Graduate Seminar II: Professional Preparation1
One of the following areas of emphasis
Applied Mathematics
MATH 537 Principles of Applied Mathematics
At least one of the following:
MATH 566 Numerical Methods II
MATH 567 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
Mathematics Education
At least two of the following:
MATHED 510 Mathematics Curriculum
MATHED 523 Teaching & Learning Algebra & Functions
MATHED 525 Teaching and Learning Calculus
MATHED 526 Teaching and Learning Statistics
Pure Mathematics
At least two of the following:
MATH 506 Advanced Algebra
MATH 507 Advanced Number Theory
MATH 509 Symmetric Key Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
MATH 512 Advanced Topology
MATH 522 Advanced Set Theory
MATH 562 Probability and Statistics
At least one of the following:
MATH 572 Computational Statistics
MATH 573 Time Series Analysis
MATH 574 Linear Models
Culminating Activity
Additional graduate courses and a culminating activity chosen from one of the following possibilities:
Comprehensive Examination
Seven courses totaling at least 21 credits
MATH 690 Master’s Comprehensive Examination (1 cr)
Five courses totaling at least 15 credits
MATH 590 Practicum/Internship (3 cr)
MATH 591 Project (3 cr) or
MATHED 591 Project
Five courses totaling at least 15 credits
MATH 593 Thesis (6 cr) or
MATHED 593 Thesis (6 cr)
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