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Master of Science in Biomolecular Sciences

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Master of Science in Biomolecular Sciences
Course Number and TitleCredits
Core Sequence
BMOL 601 Biomolecules I4
BMOL 602 Biomolecules II4
BMOL 603 Biophysical Instrumentation and Techniques4
Additional Required Courses
BMOL 511 (BIOL 511) Advanced Cell Biology3
BMOL 516 Responsible Conduct in Research1
BMOL 598 Graduate Seminar2
BMOL 605 Current Scientific Literature1
PHYS 504 Molecular and Cellular Biophysics4
Culminating Activity
Additional graduate courses and a culminating activity chosen from one of the following options:

BMOL 591 Project (7 cr)

BMOL 593 Thesis (7 cr)

Comprehensive Examination (PhD Track Only)
BMOL 606 Proposal Writing (2 cr)
BMOL 607 Graduate Research Presentation (1 cr)
BMOL 687 Doctoral Preliminary Examination (1 cr)
BMOL 691 Doctoral Comprehensive Examination (1 cr)
Approved electives (2 cr)
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