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Section 2: Graduate Academic Regulations

The academic policies described in this section apply to all graduate degree and certificate programs and are approved by the Faculty through the Graduate Council and administered by the Graduate College. Under this general regulatory umbrella, each graduate program is locally administered by an academic unit assigned by Boise State University. The academic unit may be a department, a college or school, or a specially appointed unit consisting of graduate faculty members from multiple departments or colleges. Although an academic unit may develop local regulations for a specific graduate program under its control, the Graduate Academic Regulations presented in this section have supremacy over the local regulations; all local regulations must be consistent with these academic policies and are therefore subject to review and approval by the Graduate Council. It is the responsibility of all graduate faculty members and graduate students to become thoroughly familiar with all policies that govern the graduate program in which they participate.

2.1 One Half Requirement
2.2 Restrictions on Certain Courses
2.3 Language Proficiency Requirement
2.4 Simultaneous Enrollment
2.5 Graduate Student Advising
2.6 Academic Performance
2.7 Satisfactory Progress Policy
2.8 Academic Performance at Graduation
2.9 Repetition of Graduate Courses
2.10 Transfer Credits
2.11 G-Courses and Dual-Listed Courses
2.12 Application of Credit Already Applied to a Graduate Certificate
2.13 In-Service Teacher Education or Professional Education Workshops
2.14 Course Challenge
2.15 Graduate Credit for Undergraduate Students
2.16 Admission to Candidacy
2.17 Choice of Graduate Catalog
2.18 Adjustment of Academic Requirements
2.19 Thesis and Dissertation
2.20 Graduate Student Success Center
2.21 Report of Culminating Activity
2.22 Graduation
2.23 Program Time Lines
2.24 Full Time Enrollment
2.25 Student Handbook
2.26 Leave of Absence


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