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Section 5: Policies for Master’s Programs

Although programs leading to a master’s degree are very diverse, they generally fall into two categories depending on overall emphasis and the nature of the culminating activity.

  • Scholarly programs emphasize research or creative activities and require a thesis that is defended formally in a public setting and made publicly accessible through the Boise State University archive.
  • Professional programs emphasize the application of advanced knowledge and skills and require a project, capstone course, series of practicums, recital, or comprehensive examination.

Both scholarly and professional master’s programs involve substantial study beyond the baccalaureate degree, impart the methodology of discovery or creation in a given discipline, and prepare students to contribute at an advanced level to the workplace and to the community.

5.1 Degree Requirements
5.2 Culminating Activity
5.3 Second Master’s Degree
5.4 Accelerated Master’s Degree
5.5 En Route Master’s Degree


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