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Section 7: Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships (GAships) are awarded competitively for a contract period of at least one full semester or session, but cannot exceed 12 months in duration. To qualify for a GAship, a graduate student must be admitted to a graduate program prior to the start of the contract period, must remain in an admitted status to a graduate degree program during the contract period, and must continue to meet satisfactory degree progress requirements. During the contract period, a Graduate Assistant (GA) cannot work for Boise State University under any compensable arrangement other than the GAship. Although a contract period for a GAship cannot exceed 12 months, a multiple-year GAship offer can be made to a prospective student with the understanding that the GA contract can be renewed annually pending satisfactory performance, adequate degree progress, and the availability of funding.

A GA at Boise State University must hold one of three titles – Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) or Graduate Service Assistant (GSA) – although the work done by a GA under the work obligation may be any combination of teaching, research, and service duties. The combination of duties may also vary over the contract period.
Boise State University places limits on the number of hours that the GAship supervisor may assign to the GA in order to satisfy the work obligation (but Boise State University places no limits on the time spent by the GA on educational and developmental activities.) The number of standard hours (per week) assigned as the work obligation of the GA, averaged over the semester, session, break or interim, cannot exceed a maximum set by Boise State University:

  • Fall or spring semester: 20 hours per week
  • Spring break, interim, and summer session: 40 hours per week

The budgeted components of a full-time GAship must include a salary, payment of tuition and fees (tuition waiver), and fringe costs (including health costs). A GA is not a benefit-eligible employee of Boise State University, and, as such, the fringe costs for a GAship are the non-benefit-eligible fringe costs for student employees as determined by Boise State University. If the full-time GA is classified by Boise State University as a non-resident of Idaho, the total amount of all non-resident tuition and fees is waived by Boise State University as a scholarship. A department may use appropriated funds to pay for regular tuition and fees, however it is against Idaho State Board of Education policy to use appropriated funds to pay for any fees that are associated with self-support programs taken by the GA. An academic department or program, should they choose to do so, may use local funds to pay for the fees associated with a GA’s enrollment in self-support programs or coursework.

7.1 Graduate Assistant Registration and Health Insurance
7.2 Termination of Graduate Assistants


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