Resources, Workshops and Clinics

The Graduate Student Success Center (GSSC) exists to help students and faculty with the thesis and dissertation process. The following workshops and clinics designed to support a variety of graduate student writing needs.

GSSC Events and Resources


JumpStart is a week-long writing workshop providing graduate students uninterrupted time to work on their dissertation, thesis, or project, learn new writing strategies, and connect with other graduate students.  This workshop aim to provide a comfortable space and encouraging  support to get your writing goals accomplished. For five days we will provide peace and quiet, beverage options and light snacks. A writing consultant will be available from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm each day for individual consultations on any aspect of your writing. Additional (optional) time to work is available until 5:00 pm each day. This event is sponsored by the Graduate College,  the Graduate Student Success Center and the Writing Center.

Virtual JumpStart

The Graduate Student Success Center is proud to announce our first Virtual JumpStart program, January 7-11th, 2019. Virtual JumpStart is designed for the busy online or part-time student who needs a more flexible approach. Students can choose to sign up for either the face-to-face sessions or virtual option.

We will live stream events each morning for students in our online and part-time night and weekend programs. We will also provide other resources designed specifically for online and part-time students.

All attendees receive a one-on-one session via video chat with one of our writing coaches to talk specifically about your needs and help you develop a personal writing program. More details will be available soon, sign up at the link below.

Additional Resources

Graduate Student Success Center staff are available to meet with both individuals and groups of students. We can also create a workshop to meet your specific or departmental needs. If you have additional questions – on anything from deadlines and workflow, to templates, citations, and writing – we are here to serve you. Contact GSSC by phone at (208) 426-3604.