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Adelle Milholland

September 2, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am MDT

Thesis Information

Title: Effect of Corrective Surgery on Lower Limb Mechanics in Patients with Crouch Gait

Program: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Advisor: Dr. Clare K. Fitzpatrick, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

Committee Members: Dr. Trevor Lujan, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering  and Dr. Gunes Uzer, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering


Crouch gait is a common gait deviation associated with cerebral palsy that frequently requires surgical intervention. Crouch gait can vary widely from patient to patient and surgical treatments must be specifically tailored to an individual. The best method to treat crouch gait involves multiple concurrent surgeries to treat the various contributing factors. This method of treatment is called Single Event Multi Level Surgery (SEMLS) and it requires that a physician select different surgical procedures to correct the patient’s specific abnormalities. To date, there is no agreed upon golden standard method for selecting procedures. The short-term outcomes of different procedures have been fairly well documented but the longer-term outcomes are less researched. The goal of this research is to compare the outcomes of different surgical procedures and determine which, if any, leave patients at higher risk for early onset osteoarthritis. The metrics being compared will be muscle forces required to reach target kinematics as well as peak stress of the articular cartilage of the patella.