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Diego Domenzain

December 4, 2019 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm MST

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Dissertation Information

Title: Joint Inversion of GPR and ER Data

Program: Doctor of Philosophy in Geophysics

Advisor: Dr. John Bradford, Geosciences, Co-Chair, and Dr. Jodi Mead, Mathematics, Co-Chair

Committee Members: Dr. Dylan Miksell, Geosciences and Dr. Donna Calhoun, Mathematics


Ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electrical resistivity (ER) are geophysical ac- tive source exploration methods that use electromagnetic fields to probe the depths of the Earth. Both methods are sensitive to electrical conductivity while GPR is also sensitive to electrical permittivity. Imaging the subsurface can shed knowledge on important processes needed in modern day Human’s life such as ground-water explo- ration, water resource monitoring, contaminant and hazard mitigation, geothermal energy exploration and carbon-dioxide storage.

We present a novel non-linear joint inversion that iteratively combines the sensi- tivities of both GPR and ER surface acquired data. Our algorithm uses both GPR and ER sensitivites in order to effectively alleviate the non-uniqueness of the re- covered electrical parameters. We join GPR and ER sensitivities without the need of petrophysical relationships. By further assuming structural similarities between permittivity and conductivity, we are able to relax a priori assumptions about the subsurface and accurately recover parameters in regions where the GPR data has a signal-to-noise ratio close to 1. Furthermore, assuming a good initial model is available our algorithm makes no assumption of the underlying geometry.