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Ian Taylor, Peer Advisor

Ian Taylor is a peer advisor for the Boise State College of Health Sciences’ Academic Advising Office. He is pursuing a degree in public health, with a minor in chemistry, along with completing his prerequisite courses for pharmacy school. He is a sophomore, and is originally from Olympia, Washington. He is a member of the Boise State Honors College and plans to continue school after his time in Boise to become a hospital pharmacist, an epidemiologist, or a medicinal chemist.

Throughout his classwork and experiences in the community, Taylor has developed a passion for the field of health, identifying the best ways to prevent and treat different diseases. He has participated in the program, Healthy Habits Healthy U in Boise, helping elementary and middle school students set the framework for development of new and healthy lifestyle habits. He has also worked for a shellfish company in his hometown in Washington State, helping to sustain geoduck habitats in Puget Sound.

In his free time, Taylor loves skiing, scootering, playing soccer, walking his two corgis, and is a big fan of Star Wars and the Cincinnati Bengals.